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  • Liveaboard Life

    Boat Life Food

    You know the drill. We are moving on to our sailboat July 15th, full time in the San Diego Harbor. Yes, we are keeping the Jeep and our jobs, we just…

  • My Brave Self

    Hills and Valleys.

    When I felt these “buzz” feelings, I thought it was just me. The more I talk about it, the more I find out it’s so many of us. Mental health seems…

  • My Brave Self

    Finding your people.

    I grew up having so many groups of friends. There was the cross country friends, the gymnastics friends, the track friends, the church friends, the school friends, the ASB friends, and…

  • Liveaboard Life

    Dreaming of Sailboats

    I am so excited to live on this boat and we officially have a move in date of July 15th. We have a long to-do list and we are keeping track…