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    Summer is here!

    It’s summer! Can you believe it? It’s officially summer and it is officially my summer break. I am a teacher, so I get to continue to live that summer schedule dream. I love my job and the work that I do, but having two months off a year (plus all the other breaks) really just sets me back to hit a restart. Sunshine, salty skin and hair, no business attire, and pretty much only living in my board shorts is…

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  • My Brave Self

    Father’s Day

    I look at this photo above and I remember feeling so much love that day. I watched the way my step-dad looked at me. I saw in his eyes the pride…

  • Gear Liveaboard Life

    Building a Board Rack

    This move in date is fast approaching! With it being 30 days from now, we are trying to be sure that everything is ready to go. We have a lot of…

  • Gear


    I love buying things that have a story. When I do Christmas, ask my family. I watch them unwrap them typically tell them which cause their item supports. Bringing water around…