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    10 tips when becoming a live aboard on a boat

    Get rid of stuff The first thing that we began doing 6 months before we were even planning on buying the boat was downsizing. We went through our cloths, books, memories and our entire house and got rid of anything that didn’t bring us joy. Maybe you have been holding on to an expensive jacket because you feel like you should, but really you hate wearing it, it is itchy, and it reminds you to hit the gym a little…

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    4th of July

    We hope you had a great fourth of July! We celebrated with a morning sail with our neighbors Marieke, Coy, and little Mace. Mace loved her first sail! Isn’t she the…

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    Anniversary sail

    We had our anniversary on Monday. We celebrated with zoo trips, San Diego sky buckets, delicious lunch and a long sail around the point that ended at sunset. Here’s to 2…

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    Diva Sleeper

    If you have ever slept in a sailboat, at least older ones, the cushions are not very comfortable. Jeremy and I both love our sleep, so after spending the night on…